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Reflexology Salon "alpha foot Pia “ Stores operation

Direct management store: Tokyo opera city main office
Shinjuku Washington hotel store
Ecoda store
Yokohama island tower store
Makuhari techno garden store
The Nagoya store

Trust store: NAS sport club Omori store
NAS sport club Kohoku store
NAS sport club Urayasu store
NAS sport club Katsutadai store
Tokyo simple insurance hall (Eupoto)
Medical fitness sangenchaya store
JAA Kasai

*Various school management businesses Reflexology
"alpha foot therapist training classes"
"Alpha maternity training classes "
"Childcare adviser training classes "
"Aroma coordinator training classes "
"Color therapist training classes "

Additional business
Healthy lecture plan production
Healthy event plan production
Conception method study
Manner study
Stress cancellation lumbago preventive lecture for nursing

Principal customer

* The Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. corporation
* NTT telegraphic telephone corporation
* The SONY corporation
* The SONY music entertainment corporation
* The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.
* Huzisige industrial corporation
* The Japanese COM cis corporation
* Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. corporation
* Makian Ericson corporation
* Hitachi, Ltd.
* First life mutual company
* Health insurance union association
* (Commodity) social insurance healthy Foundation
* (Commodity) comprehensive healthy propulsion foundation
* Corporation hello sport plaza
* Nissei management corporation
* Central sport corporation
* National Personnel Authority
* Ministry of Construction

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Nagoya Company

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