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Health, a goal we all seek, and blame the difficulty to achieve and maintain a healthy life style on the occurrences of occasional depression, lack of focus and low energy level, environmental conditioning and changes in our bodies caused by aging. But in fact the cause can be found in mere lack of balance between the body & mind.

We have developed a scientific method to deal with such problems. Alphabics (patented) is a method of exercising developed to promote and maintain a healthy body and mind through relaxation and a series of wellness activity trainings that leads to a healthy, calm and balanced state.

Alphabics was developed and is offered to the world by JCA, a Japanese based company that in addition to receiving many praises from the mass media, is supported by everyone from different walks of life throughout the world. Our research and development is geared towards creating and maintain a high level of health and balance for individuals of all ages. ...learn more about Alphabics

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Effect on Alphabics : Shoulder Abduction and Adduction

***Update News***  Alphabics Instructor Course DVD & Manual
--- Alphabcis is a patented exercise. Alphabics has proven its effect as a stress relief exercise for over 20 years in Japan. ---
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