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Alphabics is a stress releasing exercise which utilizes deep breathing techniques, an Alphabics Band (patented) and custom designed music that relaxes the brain into its alpha state. This method was introduced to stress management studies, bone degenerative disease prevention studies, gynecology studies as well as sporting clubs as a relaxation program, and to corporations as a human resources program that has attracted a variety of people especially from middle to older ages.

This healthy exercises and the stress management program was developed in 1990 by Junko Jimenji, the corporations representative, and has proven its effect for over 18 years in Japan. The word "Alpha (α)" of Alphabics, is derived from human mind’s relaxed state wavelength, and "bics" from the word “Aerobics”. (patented)

Combination of a harmonizing exercise to an alpha wave inducing music, conscious deep breathing and flexing and releasing the muscles with Alphabics Band translate to a unique and comfortable exercise experience that is nourishing and relaxing.

Alphabics was nominated by numerous medical specialists and health insurance union associations which led to its 1995 introduction to international society of Stress Management Academy held in Holland which consisted of 32 national & International organizations, where the method won the confidence of great number of members and participants.

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Deep breathing and its effects

Deep breathing makes the flow of the blood smoother; it releases the shoulders and lumbago muscles stiffness. Efficient amount of oxygen in the blood prevents the ailments of the heart and stimulates the hearts diaphragm operation and normalizes the autonomic nervous system.

Exercise with the band

Resistance training with Alphabics Band, which is a key factor in bone disease prevention, is not unreasonably hard muscle training; the elasticity of the band has been designed solely to lightly stimulate the muscles and the bones. What set Alphabics band apart from other bands is the material of the Alphabcis band: soft, smooth, safe, and easy to use. (patented)


After exercising, you surround yourself in alpha wave music, rest your body while performing conscious deep breathing, relax the body by the power of your own consciousness and autonomous training, releasing stress will stimulate right brain activity which enhances body strength and increases brain concentration.

Effect on your body

* Burning the unwanted Fat through conscious deep breathing and muscular strengthening training.
* Better blood flow to eliminate the usual stiff of shoulders, the lumbago and the leg water retention.
* Strengthening the Abdominal muscles to prevent constipation.

Effect on your mind

This exercise promotes predomination of parasympathetic nerves. Deep breathing in turn promotes heart settlement and emotional stabilization, by the fact that the body is moved towards a relaxed physical and mental state and positive thought.


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--- Alphabcis is a patented exercise. Alphabics has proven its effect as a stress relief exercise for over 20 years in Japan. ---
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